🔻 50% off Claim Blocks!

Mangos are pretty hard to come by, and we want players to be encouraged to build to the skies and protect their builds due to an influx of players. So, we are testing out 50% cheaper shop prices for Claim Blocks. Any previous claim block purchases (after 5/20/19) in the shop have been refunded the differences!

Build to the clouds!!  ☁️

👍 1.14.3 Upgrade

We have completed our update to 1.14.3 and no longer support any other versions below this one. 1.14.3 should help players see noticeable FPS increases, improved gameplay, and better server performance.

⚙️ 6/8 Maintenance

Hello everybody 👋
Here at MangoMini, we have great things planned. 👍
We will be operating on basic server/gameplay functionality starting Saturday morning at 9:30AM EDT. With this, we intended to fully fix Nether & End portals not working and further tweak our optimizations. We also want to test out a new HARDCORE parkour mode for our available course in the subhub. And what would be some cool maintenance without adding blocks and even more items to our server shop. Finally, we are aiming on adding back Mango and Shard daily rewards to our subhub. All of these additions should hopefully be completed around 10:45AM EDT on Saturday morning. 🔧

We are so thankful to all who’ve been playing so far, and we’re excited to improve! 😊

⏰ Live Progress & ETA
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