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🎁 Server Fixed + Holiday Gift

Hoorah! Our server (Hub + C&S) are back up and running. We had to revert a few upgrades that were planned but we believe the issue has been resolved. With this, you can now claim your Chistmas Present 🎁 from hub. Due to our absence over the holidays, we are extending this gift until the 1st!
Thanks for your continued patience yet again. ~ MangoMini Team

🔧 Website Improvements

Our website was offline for about 24 hours during some repairs and configurations. With these improvements, we also have added content to our About Page (yay). From all of us here from MangoMini, we hope you had a great Christmas and great new year.

Uptime Fix!

Oops! Our server was appearing as online, but not allowing connections. This issue has now been fixed. 😊

Legacy Support Dropped

Let's get to the point. Not many players are playing in 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, or 1,11 anymore. And with that, we are withdrawing (once again) our support for legacy minecraft versions. Unfortunately, this also includes 1.12. We understand reasoning for playing in 1.12, a few being that 1.12 offers better FPS overall, and 1.12 still supports some legacy devices.

While we are not ruling out re-adding 1.12 support in the future, having "protocol hacks" (aka adding support for versions we don't run) results in security exploits, and costs us more RAM and less room for players and features.

We hope you understand this decision, and we hope to find a compromise in the future.

All this talk about versions, we should also note that upon 1.14 releasing we will be "supporting" 1.14, however players will not be able to place blocks native to 1.14 until we upgrade.

~ The MangoMini Team

Survival is Delayed

We've been hard at work trying to get Survival ready! You'll be able to join it at anytime but we are not allowing buildings until we finish our setup. We can't really set an ETR, but it should be done very very very very soon. Thank you for your continued patience.

Survival is almost there...

Survival's Upcoming Big Day
Right now we are just putting the finishing touches on our upcoming survival server. We expect to have Survival ready for your adventures on or before December 10th. (Most likely before the 10th, because we are making good time)

Creative & Survival Server
Just today we got done tweaking a few common issues and fixed Creative not having /spawn. We have also now officially merged our Creative server with Survival to form the "Creative & Survival" server, also known as C&S (wow what a name).

Hub & Overall
We also have upgraded our server firmware & improved issues regarding backwards compatibility for 1.12.2. We also have tightened our security on our server for an improved experience.

Snow Fight & Christmas
Ho Ho Hope you've tried our new minigame, Snow-Fight! This chill game available in the hub also may give a fruity reward for your wins. Also with the upcoming holidays aside from our amazing Christmas spawn built by H…

Snow Fight Minigame

New Minigame! MangoPVP is now "Snow Fight" in celebration of the upcoming holidays, including changed classes, mechanics, powerups, and a holiday themed arena. Mechanics of the game are still being tweaked, but we encourage you to try it out sometime! We encourage all to try it out, and if you play with 3 or more players, there may be some mangos involved.

Vote Page!

Whoops! We knew we were missing something. We've now added a vote page! Thanks for everyone who is supporting MangoMini. If you have any issues with voting please contact @Staff on our discord.

The Holiday Season Is Here!

Thanksgiving has passed, and with it, the Holiday Season has begun!  Hop on MangoMini to see our new festive Holiday Hub!

Almost there!

We can't wait to finish up our new website and get started. Make sure you are following our twitter for the latest updates.

Website Reconstruction

Working on adding a more functional website layout. Stay tuned on our twitter @themangomini
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