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Snow Fight Minigame

New Minigame! MangoPVP is now "Snow Fight" in celebration of the upcoming holidays, including changed classes, mechanics, powerups, and a holiday themed arena. Mechanics of the game are still being tweaked, but we encourage you to try it out sometime! We encourage all to try it out, and if you play with 3 or more players, there may be some mangos involved.

Vote Page!

Whoops! We knew we were missing something. We've now added a vote page! Thanks for everyone who is supporting MangoMini. If you have any issues with voting please contact @Staff on our discord.

The Holiday Season Is Here!

Thanksgiving has passed, and with it, the Holiday Season has begun!  Hop on MangoMini to see our new festive Holiday Hub!

Almost there!

We can't wait to finish up our new website and get started. Make sure you are following our twitter for the latest updates.

Website Reconstruction

Working on adding a more functional website layout. Stay tuned on our twitter @themangomini
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