Legacy Support Dropped

Let's get to the point. Not many players are playing in 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, or 1,11 anymore. And with that, we are withdrawing (once again) our support for legacy minecraft versions. Unfortunately, this also includes 1.12. We understand reasoning for playing in 1.12, a few being that 1.12 offers better FPS overall, and 1.12 still supports some legacy devices.

While we are not ruling out re-adding 1.12 support in the future, having "protocol hacks" (aka adding support for versions we don't run) results in security exploits, and costs us more RAM and less room for players and features.

We hope you understand this decision, and we hope to find a compromise in the future.

All this talk about versions, we should also note that upon 1.14 releasing we will be "supporting" 1.14, however players will not be able to place blocks native to 1.14 until we upgrade.

~ The MangoMini Team

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