Survival is almost there...

Survival's Upcoming Big Day
Right now we are just putting the finishing touches on our upcoming survival server. We expect to have Survival ready for your adventures on or before December 10th. (Most likely before the 10th, because we are making good time)

Creative & Survival Server
Just today we got done tweaking a few common issues and fixed Creative not having /spawn. We have also now officially merged our Creative server with Survival to form the "Creative & Survival" server, also known as C&S (wow what a name).

Hub & Overall
We also have upgraded our server firmware & improved issues regarding backwards compatibility for 1.12.2. We also have tightened our security on our server for an improved experience.

Snow Fight & Christmas
Ho Ho Hope you've tried our new minigame, Snow-Fight! This chill game available in the hub also may give a fruity reward for your wins. Also with the upcoming holidays aside from our amazing Christmas spawn built by HaiImDan, Dr.Mango now has a few holiday questions up his sleeve. Simply ask on any game/server in the chat: "Dr.Mango how many days until Christmas?". We hope you all enjoy these amazing additions, with more to come!

All these changes, could it get any better? Nope. It can't. I'm tired.

See it in Action:
I was bored so I decided to make a little video showing how Dr.Mango responds to one of my Christmas Questions. I apologise for the typing in advanced haha.

~ Zachary
(Founder of MangoMini)

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