🌾 New Shop & Updates

Well well, look at us being the little productive workers that we are. We're going to start of with what you want to hear first.

New Shop GUI
This is a GIF of the new GUI :)
If you couldn't tell already, we understand many have been wanting a way to claim more blocks so that's why we've not only created this amazing shop that you can access by using /shop, but we've also extended the claim rate to 32 blocks an hour, raised the max claims from 3 to 5 and have extended that maximum amount of blocks you can claim from 3,500 to nearly 12,000. Please also note that the other categories in the shop are not yet finished. We want everyone to be able to claim as much land as they need! 😄

Need more Land?
Need more mangos to buy more land from our shop? Just vote, using our voting link on our website. You can get this link by doing /vote in-game!

A Quick Heads Up...
After doing regular maintenance, we noticed some claim data may have been reversed in the process. We recommend that any claims made, modified, or extended within the last 72 hours be immediatly checked to make sure it's what you're expecting. Don't know how? Visit this link.

📢 Incase you missed it...

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