🔧 Updates & Scheduled Maintenance

We've made a lot of improvements these past couple of weeks, and we're happy to share them with you. But in addition to adding new features, we will be having some scheduled maintenance from 5:15PM ESTABLISHMENT  until 6:15PM EST.  (More info here.). Now, for the new features. We've added quite a bit (see below).

What's New?
             • Shifting when falling will now reduce damage by 50%
             • Blood Effect when taking fall damage.
             • New player shops. (Tutorial page coming soon)
                        - To create a shop make sign like this:
                        - Line 1: (Leave this line blank)
                        - Line 2: How Many?
                        - Line 3:   3B : 2S
                        - Line 4: What item? (Ex: Diamond)
It's important to note that on line 3, 3B = $3 to buy           (right clicking the sign) and 2S is to sell for $2 (left click the sign). You should also have a chest filled with that item below the sign AND have it in a protected claim area.

Thank You!
For all of your amazing suggestions and recommendations that have been helping mangomini succeed.

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