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⚡ Claim Streaks!

Introducing Reward Streaks! By claiming your Mango and Shard rewards every day, you can earn extra mangos and shards. Streaks cap at at 15 days.

How it'll Work:
For every streak day you get an extra mango. Your first streak (2 days in a row) you get 2 Mangos, 3 days in a row youΔΊl get 3 mangos and so on and so on. Shards are the exact same but with a multiplier of 2.5 Shards, so if youΕ•e at a 3 day streak (3*2.5) = 7.5 but we will round to 8 shards.

🌟 2x the Weekend, 2x the Rewards.

🌱 We hope you're just as excited to start off Spring as we are!
To celebrate, daily rewards in-game will now be doubled. πŸ₯³
Now you can earn as much as 20 mangos and $50 shards in just one day!

Come on today and join!
This event expired Sunday at 6:00PM Eastern Central Time (10PM GMT).

Here's a sneak peak at  the lovely new menu we've  been working on!

πŸ’‘ Suggest Away!

A way for our lovely players to submit suggestions to us. We encourage all players to suggest anything they wish to see be added via our server or website. To submit a suggestion, go to the forms page, or click below! πŸ’‘ Submit Your Suggestion
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