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⚡ Claim Streaks!

Introducing Reward Streaks! By claiming your Mango and Shard rewards every day, you can earn extra mangos and shards. Streaks cap at at 15 days.

How it'll Work:
For every streak day you get an extra mango. Your first streak (2 days in a row) you get 2 Mangos, 3 days in a row youΔΊl get 3 mangos and so on and so on. Shards are the exact same but with a multiplier of 2.5 Shards, so if youΕ•e at a 3 day streak (3*2.5) = 7.5 but we will round to 8 shards.

🌟 2x the Weekend, 2x the Rewards.

🌱 We hope you're just as excited to start off Spring as we are!
To celebrate, daily rewards in-game will now be doubled. πŸ₯³
Now you can earn as much as 20 mangos and $50 shards in just one day!

Come on today and join!
This event expired Sunday at 6:00PM Eastern Central Time (10PM GMT).

Here's a sneak peak at  the lovely new menu we've  been working on!

πŸ’‘ Suggest Away!

A way for our lovely players to submit suggestions to us. We encourage all players to suggest anything they wish to see be added via our server or website. To submit a suggestion, go to the forms page, or click below! πŸ’‘ Submit Your Suggestion

πŸ”— Voting Contest on Hold

First off, it's with displeasure we announce that we will be postponing the voting contest until later. Our hosting provider has not been adequately forwarding votes to our subservers. Lastly, we would like to thank the players that expressed their interest in this contest to support MangoMinigames and help spread awareness.

Big Thanks 
OreosMcMIlkMnTomatoStorrentSyth60All of these players will receive a very special cosmetic in the hub as a Thank You for participating in the voting contest.
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