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🌴 5/20/19 Survival Reset

We're Ready.
A new amazing world seed, a fresh start, and a fresh 100% 1.14 world? Sign us up! ✍️

On May 20th, 2019 we will be resetting our Survival server. This refresh will come with new features, improved shops, a new spawn, and of course a new 1.14 world. Filled of course with bamboo jungles, foxes, illagers, and sweet berries! 🍓

The choice to reset is due to the simple fact that our current 1.13.2 world is resource drained, and the world seed does not provide enough variety for us or our players. On that note, we WILL let players keep their inventory when we move over. Enderchests, XP counts, Claims, Claim Blocks Acquired, and Survival Balances will all be cleared.

It is advised you try and fill up your inventory now with all of the important/valuable items you wish to transfer over to the new world. On May 5th 2019 we will no longer allow players to connect to the Survival server, as we will be performing maintenance. That being said, on May 18th - May 20th, our server…

🦊 1.14 Support is Here!

1.14 has been released! This historic Minecraft update, adds handfuls of new blocks, features and stability improvements. We are proud to be one of the first Minecraft servers to almost instantly allow 1.14 clients to connect in addition to 1.13.2.

For more information, please visit the #update section on our Discord

🥚 Egg Hunt

Oh No!
Charlie the rabbit lost all of his eggs. Can you help him find all 6 around the spawn? Beat the clock, Collect them all, avoid dropping them, and you'll earn 20 Mangos, 50 Shards, and 24 XP.

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