😋 About the Owner

Hi, I'm Zach. 👋
Hi, I'm Zachary. Recently I've been exploring other large Minecraft networks and kept running into the same three exact issues, over and over. Those three issues were Inconsistency, Lack of Professionalism, and a Corporate point of view.

Currently, I live in a small mountainous town in North Carolina. For several years, I've always had some sort of server running from my old desktop. We had several players on at a time, and to me that was wonderful. We held contests and were community driven.

But unfortunately, we just didn't have the budget to thrive properly.
I was getting tired of the old server and the lack of funding was making matters worse. I eventually decided to close up shop.

That's when I decided, it was time for a new generation....

MangoMini was under private development for over 13 months just to make sure that when we do something, we do it right. We've been working on our Custom A.I Dr.Mango and many other projects. The only way this project can succeed is with the generosity of YOU. While donating should never feel necessary, we really recommend it as it would significantly help us.

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