⛳ Claiming Land

Prepare to Claim

Claiming land couldn't ever be easier! To get started, make sure you are in an area you can claim land on. Next make sure you're far away from spawn. Now, let's make sure we get rid of any claims that may have been automatically generated from you placing chests by doing the command: /abandonallclaims

Claim your Land
  • Do /kit Claim
  • Stand in the center of the area you wish to make a 10x10 claim.
  • Hold the Golden Shovel in your hand and do /claim
  • Pay attention to the glowstone claim markers.
  • Refrain from building outside the glowstone markers to protect your stuff.
Resizing your Claim
  • Do /kit Claim
  • Hold the Golden Shovel in your inventory.
  • Right-Click one of the glowstone markers to begin the resize.
  • Right-Click again on the location you wish to expand your claim to.
Getting more Claim Blocks
Currently, there is no way to purchase more claim blocks. However, in the future we will be using money (see balance with /bal) to buy more claim land. At the moment, you earn more claim blocks by being active on the server.

Removing Claims
Remove a claim with /abandonclaim (while standing in the claim) or to remove all claims do /abandonallclaims

Video Tutorial:

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