⛳ Claiming Land

Claiming Land on MangoMini has never been easier!
Prepare to Claim
Claiming land couldn't ever be easier! To get started, make sure you are in an area you can claim land on. Next make sure you're far away from spawn. Now, let's make sure we get rid of any claims that may have been automatically generated from you placing chests by doing the command: /c dissolve

Claim your Land
  • Do /kit Claim
  • Stand where you'd like your claim to be.
  • Do /c claim
  • Place the chest you received from your kit.
  • Do /c recipe and mimic that pattern inside of the chest you placed. (4 diamond, 5 iron)
  • Once the pattern is in your chest, exit out of the chest with the ESC key.
  • Your chest should now be a Powercell in where you can load resources to keep your claims powered.
  • Claim more land by stepping away until the boss bar disappears, and do /c claim again.

Expanding Your Claim
  • Step into an area where the top of your screen is not showing your username as a claim.
  • Do /c claim

Fueling Your Claim
  • Insert any of the following into your Powercell for fuel:
    • Diamond: 62.5 days for 1 chunk.
    • Emerald10.4 days for 1 chunk.
    • Gold Ingot: 6.8 days for 1 chunk.
    • Iron Ingot4.7 days for 1 chunk.

More Coming Soon
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Removing Claims
Remove all claimed chunks with /c dissolve

Video Tutorial:
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