🧠 Getting Started With Dr.Mango

Have you ever had a Virtual Assistant on a Minecraft Server? We thought not. That's what we've created Dr.Mango. Our Assistant has over 7,000 lines of Java code, written as efficiently as possible to create the only assistant in Minecraft that can tell jokes, pick random numbers, converse with players, answer oddball questions, claim rewards, send you to servers, and tell you who a handful of celebrities are. It's unnecessary... and that's exactly why we did it.

How to Summon:
Doctor Mango is extremely smart. And, that's why he listens for you to chat to him, like a normal player! Simply by saying Hey Dr.Mango! in the chat, he will give you a list of helpful commands and subcategories. To start chatting to him, just include Dr.M or Dr.Mango in the sentence or chat you want him to pickup on.

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