📇 Information We Collect

Data Explanation
Mango & Shard Counts Amount of Mangos/Shards when purchasing items.
UUID Cache A unique string of numbers & letters tied to your username if you change your name.
IP Address Cache Set of numbers associated with your internet. Helps us verify your account.
Geographic Cache Info found from your IP such as your country & state. Helps us optimize your connection.
Join/Leave Stats The number of times you've joined/left in addition to how long you've played.
Minigame Progress Statistics such as "300 mobs killed" on Mango Mayhem.
Purchased Items Any rank/perk/upgrade data through our store that is tied to your account.
In-Game Purchases Any perk purchase with shards such as a "Particle Effect" or reward streak.
Chat Logs Any written text of a chat or command you've sent.

🕙 Duration of Data
We keep different types of data for different periods of time. 
Such as Chat Logs vs your UUID. We store Chat Logs for various amounts of time, 
but typically erase them after 30 days to preserve storage capacity.
 However, your UUID helps us to connect your other information to your 
user even if you change your username. 
🤐 Your Privacy is Important
Here at MangoMini, we respect your right to privacy. We want all users to be in control about what data we collect and store about them. That being said we will never share, sell, or distribute your personal information to anyone. Ever.

💭 I have a question.
We'd be more than glad to answer any question you have about the information we store. 
Feel free to join our discord or send us an email.

📢 Incase you missed it...

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