🛎️ Staff Requirements

About Staff Positions
MangoMini is a positive minecraft server revolving around strong bonds between our Staff and the Community. Here on MangoMini we don't have multiple staff ranks. Having multiple ranks separates players further from the community and are extremely redundant. 

We want you to understand that we are looking for well dedicated players who are familiar with managing large amounts of people under pressure in stressful situations. 

We also want you to understand that we are not always looking for staff. For a higher rate of acceptance, don't mention your application to other Staff members. 

We try and check applications twice a week.

Once you apply you must wait 2 years before applying again. Duplicate applications will result in a temporary ban from our website, applications, discord, and server.

We also ask on this application for your email. We will not use your email for any reasons other than reaching back out to you regarding your status.

Staff Requirements
• Must be a member of our server for at least 3 months.

• Must have at least 1,000 minutes of playtime (excluding the hub)
• Must be moderately active, even when others are not.
• Must have a clean punishment record. (No mutes/kicks/bans)
• Must have a functioning microphone. (For Communication)

These Would Be Nice Also...
• You have engaged in our discord community.
• You have a Discord.
• You have been a member of our discord for at least 1 month.
• You have been member of our server for at least 5 months.

If you agree to the terms & conditions above click below.
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