🥇 Why choose MangoMini?

Players First 🥇
Here at MangoMini, we want to take a completely different look at how we operate. We are sick and tired of servers taking a business point of view, and we're sure you're sick of it too. Instead, we are 100% transparent about where donations are spent, our goals. What company posts their bills publicly? We do! We also want players to not feel pressured into supporting us, so that's why we make purchasing ranks purely cosmetic.

Settle Elsewhere 🕹️
The owner of MangoMini is a part-time developer and is constantly tweaking MangoMini. Our servers are based in Canada, to provide an efficient a well maintained server on a global scale.  Not to mention our speedy-fast sub-server stations located all around to guarantee a lag-free experience. With a custom anti-cheat, excellent service, and a handful of games to choose from. With Survival & Creative available all equipped with Dr.Mango, MangoMini truly is a powerhouse.

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