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💰 Save Money, Live Better, Claim Shop!

Save Money, Live Better, Claim Shop...
The claim block shop prices have been lowered, and we patched a bug causing us to not be able to see purchases in our logs. If you purchased claim blocks previously please inform us and we will verify your purchase and refund you accordingly.

On the Bright Side...
Shopping is more efficient, our databases handle your requests faster, and the cooldown has been WAY shortened. We also have changed the minimum and maximum purchase amount from 1,000 to 100,000... Wowza!

Check it out below:

🌾 New Shop & Updates

Well well, look at us being the little productive workers that we are. We're going to start of with what you want to hear first.

New Shop GUI

If you couldn't tell already, we understand many have been wanting a way to claim more blocks so that's why we've not only created this amazing shop that you can access by using /shop, but we've also extended the claim rate to 32 blocks an hour, raised the max claims from 3 to 5 and have extended that maximum amount of blocks you can claim from 3,500 to nearly 12,000. Please also note that the other categories in the shop are not yet finished. We want everyone to be able to claim as much land as they need! 😄

Need more Land? Need more mangos to buy more land from our shop? Just vote, using our voting link on our website. You can get this link by doing /votein-game!

A Quick Heads Up... After doing regular maintenance, we noticed some claim data may have been reversed in the process. We recommend that any claims made, modified, or ex…

🔧 Updates & Scheduled Maintenance

We've made a lot of improvements these past couple of weeks, and we're happy to share them with you. But in addition to adding new features, we will be having some scheduled maintenance from 5:15PM ESTABLISHMENT  until 6:15PM EST.  (More info here.). Now, for the new features. We've added quite a bit (see below).

What's New?
             • Shifting when falling will now reduce damage by 50%
             • Blood Effect when taking fall damage.              • New player shops. (Tutorial page coming soon)                         - To create a shop make sign like this:                         - Line 1: (Leave this line blank)                         - Line 2: How Many?                         - Line 3:   3B : 2S                         - Line 4: What item? (Ex: Diamond) It's important to note that on line 3, 3B = $3 to buy           (right clicking the sign) and 2S is to sell for $2 (left click the sign). You should also have a chest filled with that item below the sign AND have…

⚙️ Survival Optimizations

It's been one of the most tedious things to have not been fixed. But I think we did it! Survival mobs will now spawn at normal rates and players should no longer be disappearing. We are happy to announce a few other new features coming your way shortly.

❗ Last Chance to Verify Claims

See the previous post on this matter here.

As our previous post stated, we were aware of claim issues yesterday. We are giving players a 2 day timespan to fix their claims (instructions in previous post). There is 1 day left for players to do this. Until then, ANY griefing is strictly prohibited.

Thank you so much for your patience in the matter! We'll keep you updated.
~ The MangoMini Team

❗ Survival Claims (Heads Up)

It has come to our attention that some Survival claims may have been unintentionally altered, changed, or added in the past couple of days. We encourage ANYONE that has made a claim to verify their dimensions and make sure their possessions are safe (use /kit Claim and hold the shovel to see your border). If you're unsure or just want to be EXTRA safe it IS advised to do /abandonallclaims and reclaim your land.

We'd like to remind players that griefing is BANNABLE on claimed land. And for this circumstance, any grief preformed on land affected will be banned. We are able to restore any lost items! Please let us know on our discord if you have any issues/questions.

🍖 Survival (BETA)

As many of you already are aware, we have made our Survival server available to the public. However this is not an official announcement. This is because, like many things on our server, are still in BETA. Many things are constantly changing. Once we feel we have a full survival experience available, we will continue being in beta.

What about my builds?
All builds on survival are final. No map resets.

But 1.14 is coming out?
Indeed it is. Our current plan is to skip any map/server upgrades for 1.14. While a map reset is inevitable, come 1.15 we plan on letting users keep their inventory, enderchest, XP, and give a 2 week transition period to a new world.

I found a bug on Survival.
Please report it here on our support discord under the #bug-report tab.

How do I claim land?
For help claiming land... see here.

A word of advice.
Here are some general good tips to apply when playing on survival for the best experience:

Avoid keeping valuables in your inventory.Make sure your build is far away fr…
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