🍖 Survival (BETA)

As many of you already are aware, we have made our Survival server available to the public. However this is not an official announcement. This is because, like many things on our server, are still in BETA. Many things are constantly changing. Once we feel we have a full survival experience available, we will continue being in beta.

What about my builds?
All builds on survival are final. No map resets.

But 1.14 is coming out?
Indeed it is. Our current plan is to skip any map/server upgrades for 1.14. While a map reset is inevitable, come 1.15 we plan on letting users keep their inventory, enderchest, XP, and give a 2 week transition period to a new world.

I found a bug on Survival.
Please report it here on our support discord under the #bug-report tab.

How do I claim land?
For help claiming land... see here.

A word of advice.
Here are some general good tips to apply when playing on survival for the best experience:

  • Avoid keeping valuables in your inventory.
  • Make sure your build is far away from spawn.
  • Make sure all your land/valuables are protected.
  • Constantly check your claim region by doing /kit Claim and holding your shovel.
  • Avoid building near other players.
  • Avoid placing unclaimed random blocks throughout the map.
  • Avoid being on the edge of the World Border.
  • Try to replant trees/crops for others to use.
  • Be kind and respect others builds.

📢 Incase you missed it...

🦊 1.14 Support is Here!

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